El Colombiano: Armando Benedetti will be Colombia's ambassador to Venezuela

Armando Benedetti took stock of management on Twitter as a farewell

Armando Benedetti indicated that during his administration he achieved important things such as reestablishing relations with Venezuela, finalizing the opening of the border and explaining to the world the damage that sanctions have done to the countries that suffer from them.

The outgoing Colombian ambassador to Venezuela, Armando Benedetti, made a kind of management balance at the head of the legation on Wednesday, July 19, his last day in office.

Through your account at TwitterBenedetti asserted that, during the time he was ambassador, he made efforts with various authorities to show the damage that the sanctions have done to Venezuela and that, in his opinion, they have not served in the countries where they were applied.

He stressed that during his administration, diplomatic relations with Venezuela were reestablished; a tariff agreement was signed; the border was reopened; exports from the neighboring country increased by 200%; achieved a decrease in the price of a ton of urea; He helped crystallize joint operations between the military entities of both countries against drug trafficking, among other things.

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The Colombian Ministry of Foreign Relations issued a decree extending the work of Armando Benedetti as ambassador of Venezuela until July 19 of this year. The official says that it was impossible for him to hand over the position last week, as agreed; so he extends the acceptance date of the resignation to 30 days.

Benedetti resigned from the post on June 2. Petro announced that same day that Benedetti and the one who was his chief of staff, Laura Sarabia, departed from their positions after the controversy that involved both in a gruesome case of illegal telephone interceptions, polygraph tests and that even ended the life of a police officer from the Presidency who committed suicide.

At that time before handing over the position, he specified that he held the position not because of immunity or money and said that he informed the Foreign Ministry of his country that he waived the payment of travel expenses.

Through his social networks June 29, Benedetti indicated that he will work from his country to advance the delivery and connection of the Colombian Embassy in Caracas to his successor, Milton Rengifo

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