Arias: "On Monday we are going to receive the marchers in peace, without confrontation"

Arias: “On Monday we are going to receive the marchers in peace, without confrontation”

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The mayor of La Paz, Iván Arias, made this Wednesday a call to receive in peace and without confrontation the members of the march “in defense of democracy.” The authority asked the La Paz population not to fall into “provocations” and reported that will request government assistance for the protection of public buildings.

“They have said that on Monday they will come to burst La Paz and I ask that the people of La Paz do not lend ourselves to provocation. (…) On Monday we will receive the marchers in peace, without confrontation,” said the edile authority before the media.

“It is a city of peace and it is going to receive everyone. There is no reason to come to burst, just march. I am going to ask the Minister of Government for security for public buildings, for the citizens,” he added.

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Arias said he does not know if the march is in defense of the Government of Luis Arce or to say “who is in charge”, but reiterated the request not to “go out to provoke” and urged the population to hang white flags or the tricolor on the windows.

“La Paz no longer needs hatred, it does not need confrontation. La Paz needs to look forward, shake hands and look to the future together,” he said.

The members of the march arrived yesterday afternoon in the town of Panduro, after starting in Caracollo with the presence of President Luis Arce, Vice President David Choquehuanca, the leader of the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS), Evo Morales, among other authorities. The column is scheduled to arrive at the government headquarters next Monday where they promised to “blow up” the city.

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