Arequipa: Taxi drivers still form queues at some taps due to LPG

Arequipa: Taxi drivers still form queues at some taps due to LPG

Arequipa taxi drivers still form queues in some taps in Arequipa, due to the lack of supply of vehicle gas.

At the tap located on Muñoz Najar street with San Martín in Cercado de Arequipa, queues were observed, despite the fact that LPG was sells for 9.28 a gallon.

gasoline from 90 octane It is sold at 19.85 and from 95 octane to 21.85 soles. While oil is sold at 20.75 soles per gallon.

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While in the Petroperú tap on Av. Víctor Lira with LPG is sold at 7.77 soles, 84 octane gasoline at 17.99, 90 octane at 19.59 and 95 at 21.59 soles.

Diesel remains at 20.88 soles.

The workers argue that the LPG has not yet arrived, because it comes from Ica and due to the strike, the tankers did not leave.

Kilometer 48 of the entrance highway to Arequipa was unblocked yesterday, in the afternoon, although the blockade of heavy cargo carriers is latent.

The leaders indicated that they gave a truce so that Arequipa is supplied with fuel and products such as vegetables, fruits, tubers.

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