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Arequipa: long queues reported outside the Reniec headquarters to collect ID (VIDEO)

Arequipa: long queues reported outside the Reniec headquarters to collect ID (VIDEO)

Long lines are registered this Monday outside the central office of the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (Reniec) in the Arequipa region. People expect to be able to collect their Identity Document (DNI) and carry out other procedures.

According to Canal N, the large influx of citizens was due to the fact that the Reniec office did not attend two days due to the Easter holidays. In addition, many took advantage of the long weekend to travel or spend it with their family, so they only caught up on their paperwork today.

According to the aforementioned media, people wait between 40 minutes to 1 hour to be served. For this reason, they are asking for more windows to be opened to speed up attention. “I come from Castilla Alta de Arequipa. Almost an hour and a half we are here. The process is long, but I am going to pick up my ID”, a citizen pointed out.

Arequipa: long queues reported outside the main headquarters of Reniec to collect DNI | VIDEO

“I’ve been queuing for half an hour. (The process should be faster) because it takes time, we’ve been here for a long time, “ commented another young woman. “Already queuing for half an hour. First time I come. It should be a bit faster. Suddenly because of what has been a holiday, people have just come”, added an elderly man.

Reniec representatives point out that there are twelve authorized windows for collecting the DNI and carrying out other procedures. In addition, to enter the office they are asking people to present their vaccination card that proves their three doses against the coronavirus, in addition to the mandatory use of a mask.

How to renew my ID via the web?

  • Pay the corresponding fee through of the National Bank or agencies or agents of said banks: The cost of the blue DNI is S/ 30 (code 002121) and that of the electronic DNI is S/ 41 (code 00525).
  • Download the “DNI Biofacial” application in the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS).
  • Sign in and verify your identity and register your new photo.
  • Follow all the steps and finish the process. You will receive a confirmation email of your process.
  • To collect the DNI, check the status of the procedure at .
How to renew my ID online


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