Arbeleche awarded in Dubai as best minister of the year by the World Government Summit Organization

The Minister of Economy, Azucena Arbeleche, was awarded this Wednesday with the “Best Minister Award” from the World Government Summit Organization (WGSO) that honors the best Minister of State of the year, at the annual event held by the organization in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

This award, given by the WGSO in cooperation with the firm Price Waterhouse Cooper (PwC), values “excellence in the public sector”, according to the page of the organization. Along with this, it is awarded the design and implementation of “successful, scalable and sustainable” initiatives that enable “socio-economic advances for its citizens”.

In an interview in English for Gulf News, Arbeleche said that “discussing the future involves many issues”but the important thing in these “challenging times” of pandemic and crisis is “not only live today, but also look to the future.”

“Each country has its peculiarities to discuss this future, but one of the issues for all countries is how to achieve sustainable growthso that our people have a better life qualityand naturally this leads to a greater freedom of our citizens“, concluded the minister.


The award offered by the WGSO focuses as a first point on the countries that are within the highest 80% in four indices: Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index, World Governance Indicators, Human Development Index and Happiness Index.

The areas that are awarded are those of economy, health and education. Within the countries that pass the first filter, PwC analyzes with a team the ministers specialized in those areas, through international forums, press releases and government reports in the first instance, and with a social network analysis in a second order.

In a third step, the background of the preselected Secretaries of State is investigated, to rule out that they are involved in matters of “corruption, bribery, adverse information, litigation, criminal charges, money laundering or bankruptcy”indicates the WSGO.

After all these filters, a list of candidates is delivered to a jury made up of “high-level governors and directors of recognized corporations,” according to the organization, who judge: innovation and novelty, as the point of greatest weight (40%); the impact and comprehensiveness (25%); the feasibility and feasibility (20%), and the presentation of the dossier (15%).

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