Apumayo speaks after PCM agreement to "negotiate closure of 4 mining units"

Apumayo speaks after PCM agreement to “negotiate closure of 4 mining units”

After the Prime Minister, Mirtha Vásquez, announced agreements with the population of the provinces of Parinacochas, Lucanas and Páucar del Sara Sara (Ayacucho) to “Negotiate the withdrawal and closure of 4 mining units (Apumayo, Sami SAC, Inmaculada, Pallancata) “, the Apumayo mining company spoke out and indicated that “it has always governed its activity within the standards of quality, safety and environmental protection that Peruvian law requires “.

Through a statement, Apumayo specified the following: “The activities of our company have all the permits required by the national authorities, this being duly informed by means of a letter sent to the Vice Minister of Mines.”.

Apumayo added that its mining activities, “are within the scope of Supreme Decree No. 007-2020-EM, by which the Reprogramming of Activities of the Apumayo Mining Unit was presented to SENACE, until June 2022 ″.

It was also held that there are “Concern about the delicate situation of more than 3,000 Peruvian employees who are seeing their rights to free work and the source of support for their families violated”.

In that sense, Apumayo pointed out that from the mining sector “There is the will to boost the growth of the economy by exercising responsible and social mining”; In addition, they urged the Government to “Provide legal guarantees to establish communication channels that allow an objective dialogue that leads to peaceful solutions.”

Apumayo statement

Mirtha Vasquez

In the afternoon, the president of the Council of Ministers, Mirtha Vásquez, announced agreements in order to protect the “Delicate ecosystems that provide water to the territories”, where it was agreed “Negotiate the withdrawal and closure of 4 mining units”.

In a meeting held in the Virgen de la Nieves bullring, Ayacucho, the premier Mirtha Vásquez stated that “The headwaters of the basin are delicate ecosystems that provide water to the territories”.

In that sense, Mirtha Vásquez indicated that it was agreed together with authorities and leaders of the provinces in question, “measures to protect them (headwaters) from contamination”.

Among the announcements given by the official, it was agreed “Create an executive commission to negotiate withdrawal and closure of 4 mining units, visits to affected areas and meetings with mining companies”.

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