Antonio Marte reiterates there will be no increase in tickets

Antonio Marte reiterates there will be no increase in tickets

Senator and President of the National Center of Transport Organizations (conatra), Antony Mars, reiterated this Saturday that the sector he represents will not increase the prices of tickets despite having sufficient reasons to do so.

“There will be no increase in ticket prices. We, as the majority transport institution in the Dominican Republic, are not going to announce an increase in ticket prices.”Antony MarsPresident Conatra

He pointed out that the people can be calm, but unfortunately due to the current crisis they have been making efforts to maintain the sector. “But, I’m honest with you, the transportation sector completely failed,” the driver leader told Diario Libre.

He explained that the price of today’s ticket with a gallon of diesel at RD$212.60 is the same as it was when a gallon cost RD$134.00.

“We had a ticket with gas at RD$65.00 a gallon and today we have gas at RD$147.00, so explain to me what we do. But also, we bought a tank of oil for RD$33,000 two months ago and today we have it for RD$52,000”, indicated the also legislator.

He added that a tire was bought for RD$17,000, the same tire today costs RD$33,000.

He said that in the same situation are the spare parts and everything that involves the transport sector.

“There is no way to live and that is why he can tell you that the situation in the sector is difficult,” said the president of conatra.

When speaking with Diario Libre, he said that the members of conatra around 156,000 registered, according to the last census.

He said that there are goals that have been lost in the sector due to the high costs of fuel and spare parts. Among those goals is to change several of its units.

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