Antonio Fretes is losing support in the Supreme Court of Justice

Antonio Fretes is losing support in the Supreme Court of Justice

Members of the Court recognize that continuing to sit with the questioned Antonio Fretes further discredits this questioned power of the State. With each passing day, there are more signs of corruption linked to his person.

Eugenio Jiménez Rolón, minister of the Supreme Court of Justice, told 730 AM there was more than one conversation to ask the president of the Court, Antonio Fretes, to resign from office. This, after the recent scandal involving the son of the court minister, Amílcar Fretes, who was a lawyer for Kassen Mohamad Hijazi, the Brazilian of Lebanese descent who was extradited to the United States. The document signed between the two stipulated the payment of US$368,000 for his professional services as a lawyer.

“There was more than one conversation, both in person and by phone. We are constantly evaluating how this issue evolves. Among the colleagues there is no unanimity of opinion and if this remains unclear, it will force personal decisions to be made, ”he said.

He argued that this has never occurred in the Judiciary or in the region, so it is extremely serious.

“They are trying to act with the greatest institutionality possible, and if there is no consensus, it will force them to take personal positions. Unfortunately so far there is no position. I will make my position known shortly,” she commented.


The strong wealth growth of Asdrúbal Fretes, son of the president of the Court, is now the target of investigation by the Sub-Secretary of State for Taxation (SET), the Seprelad and the Comptroller. The son of the Minister of the Court, Antonio Fretes, became the owner of a loan house and is linked to other million-dollar businesses.

“Ahoraité” is a loan house that was established in September 2015 with a capital of G. 5,000 million and whose shareholders are Asdrúbal Fretes, his partner, Adriana Florentín, and a lawyer named Lourdes González, who also appears as a partner in Other businesses.

According to the data, this loan house was founded when Fretes was an employee of the Public Ministry and received a salary of just G. 8 million. Likewise, in 2014 he had already done business for more than G. 2,000 million without declaring it before the Comptroller.

The Vice Minister of the Undersecretary of State for Crushing, Óscar Orué, confirmed to 730 AM that the reports on the companies have already been requested to investigate whether the case corresponds to illicit enrichment or money laundering.

While the head of the Seprelad, René Fernández, has already pointed out that there are sufficient indications to open an investigation, given that there are also alerts in the prevention system.

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