Anti-coup protests in Sudan leave two dead

The non-governmental organization, opposed to General Abdel Fatah al-Burhan’s coup, also reported dozens of wounded while clarifying that the two deceased were the result of gunshot wounds.

Since al-Burhan took power on October 25 last year, the death toll among civilians has reached 81 people.

In a first statement, the group of doctors confirmed the death of a protester by a shot in the neck in Khartoum, the capital, when the march was heading to the presidential palace.

The second was shot in the chest in Omdurman, near the national parliament building.

Similarly, in a statement the Medical Committee condemned the excessive use of violence against peaceful protesters.

The crackdown on the protest occurred on the exact same day that the Khartoum State Security Affairs Coordination Committee reiterated guarantees to demonstrate.

However, he maintained the prohibition to reach the presidential palace, where the Burhan is located in his capacity as president of the Sovereign Transitional Council, the highest instance until the elections are probably held in 2023.

Freedom of expression is a right guaranteed by the Transitional Constitutional Document, the Committee said the day before in a statement reported by the official agency SUNA.

During an interview this Saturday with a local media, al Burhan said that third parties may have killed the protesters to take advantage of the current political crisis, although he did not present any evidence for his allegations.

In addition, he explained that he instructed the security forces not to open fire on the participants in the marches, which frequently take place in this capital and other nearby cities to demand the return of the military to the barracks and the handover of power. to a civil government.

The security forces are only authorized to use their weapons to protect strategic places such as the presidency, the council of ministers building and the parliament, he added.

Beyond the words of the strong man in Sudan, who has lived in political instability since the April 2019 overthrow of then-president Omar al Bashir, repression of protests with the use of tear gas and gunshots has intensified since the military coup. of firearms.

In addition to this, the security forces have already detained several activists and opposition political leaders in an attempt to quell the anti-coup movement.


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