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January 27, 2022
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Anti-corruption prosecutor: Extradition to Peru of César Hinostroza is imminent

Anti-corruption prosecutor: Extradition to Peru of César Hinostroza is imminent

Javier Pacheco, anti-corruption prosecutor, reported that the extradition of the former judge , investigated in the framework of the White Necks of the Port case, is imminent and could take place in the coming months.

During a press conference, he affirmed that all the instances of the Spanish justice have rejected the arguments of the former magistrate, for which it has been demonstrated that he is not a political persecuted.

When his arrival in Spain occurs, Hinostroza asks for asylum and international protection for being a victim of political persecution, this has been dismissed several times. After a long process, the court confirmed the decision of the Spanish minister and denied him protection because Hinostroza is not a political victim. Against this resolution, he has filed an appeal, this is going to be inadmissible because there are several authorities that tell him no, so we consider that his coming to Peru is imminent “, he stated.

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We are waiting for the sentence to be issued, the hearing of the case was on January 12, the ruling would be issued in 15 days or 30 calendar days, I do not think it will exceed two months. We see that this is long, but we are in the last stage. In the event that he is given one more instance, he would have one left, which is the appeal, which would be two more months for the sentence that approves the extradition to be confirmed.. I hope that in the next two months the extradition process to Peru will begin”, he added.

Hinostroza is being investigated for the case known as “The White Collars of the Port”, where he is accused of having led a network of favors in which politicians and businessmen would have participated and of favoring the appointment of judges and justice workers.

In addition, another extradition process is being carried out against him for having bribed a migration official on the border with Ecuador, despite the fact that he had forceful measures that did not allow him to leave the country.


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