ANSES: who gets paid this Thursday, June 16

ANSES released the official calendar for the month of October: who gets paid first

The National Social Security Administration (ANSES) has already defined the new payment schedule for the month of October, in which the deposits of the different social benefits will be paid.

According to the organism led by Fernanda Raverta, the first to receive their October contributions will be the holders of Non-Contributory Pensions (PNC)the social program of the ANSES received by people over 65 who have not completed their contributions, do not have a fixed income and require state aid.

Payments will be made daily according to the completion of the DNI.

The beneficiaries of this provision of the ANSES they must meet one of these three variants: be over 65 years old, have some type of disability or be mothers with 7 or more children.

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