ANPACT asks Mexico to generate incentives for the establishment of green industries in the automotive sector

ANPACT asks Mexico to generate incentives for the establishment of green industries in the automotive sector

Mexico is obliged to generate incentives that result in the attraction of companies and infrastructures of the automotive sector that are friendly to the environment and new technologies, in order to remain competitive in the face of, for example, the state of California now leading developments of zero-emission manufacturing, said Miguel Elizalde, president of the National Association of Producers of Buses, Trucks and Tractor-trucks (ANPACT).

It is about generating “mirror” incentives as a country and that will also make the North American automotive industry more competitive, mainly in the niche of electromobility.

“In Mexico there should be mirror incentives. In other words, if one country has many incentives (the United States) and another does not, then production will go to the country that has more incentives. So here there is already a competition”, warned Miguel Elizalde.

The president of ANPACT highlighted that Mexico has been one of the most important countries for the production and export of heavy vehicles, as a result of the investment that has come to the country in recent years.

This week it launched United States-Mexico Working Group for the electrification of transport, in which Marcelo Ebrard, head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Mexico Alliance of the University of California participated, where it was made clear that in order to electrify transport “we need strong value chains in North America to promote the region versus other regions of the world”.

Miguel Elizalde referred, on the subject of the infrastructure that California has a goal of having more than 100,000 commercial vehicle charging stations and heavy by 2030, while Mexico has no more than 20.

“We have to work very hard in the internal market in energy infrastructure.”

Miguel Elizalde established that electrification requires research and innovation incentives, as well as cooperation with the authorities, academia and industry to make the great technological leaps.

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