Anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution once again exposes differences in the FA over Ortega

Like every July 19 in Nicaragua, the new anniversary of the triumph of the Sandinista Revolution over the Anastasio Somoza regime in 1979 re-exposes the differences of visions in the Uruguayan left.

The celebrations that brought together personalities such as that of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and his Cuban counterpart Miguel Díaz Canel also received the greeting from the Communist Party of Uruguay (PCU) to Nicaragua and the Sandinista National Liberation Frontas reported by the local media TN8.

“Your victory meant a great encouragement for those of us in all of Latin America who were fighting, and continue to do so, against imperialism and the oligarchies,” wrote the general secretary of the community, Juan Castillo, and the secretary of International Relations, from this country. George Mazzarovich.

The Uruguayan communists recalled that “in these days, more precisely on July 16, Héctor Altesor fell fighting, Pedro ‘the Uruguayan’, who along with a large group of Uruguayan men and women voluntarily joined the fight against tyranny.”

But on the occasion of the same date and in the opposite direction, the deputy of Fuerza Renovadora, Gustavo Olmos, also expressed himself. “Today marks the 43rd anniversary of the heroic Sandinista Revolution, betrayed in its principles by Daniel Ortega and his gang, with the imprisonment and political persecution of Sandinista opponents and heroes.electoral fraud, censored press and closure of NGOs and social organizations,” he declared on Twitter.

The debate is repeated year after year. In 2018 –in the midst of Nicaraguan demonstrations that would culminate in more than 300 deaths–, during a meeting of the San Pablo Forum at the Cuban headquarters in Havana, a delegation from the Uruguayan FA validated a joint statement that supported the Nicaraguan government “for its advances in the restoration of order” and the promotion of “dialogue and consensus as a way to overcome the proposed crisis” by Daniel Ortega.

The episode led to the demarcation of some sectors of the FA (Carifa) International Affairs Commission, such as those that made up the (now dissolved) Liber Seregni Front, the Socialist Party and Casa Grande. Instead, that statement had received the support of the PCU, the People’s Victory Party (PVP) and the 711 list headed by Raúl Sendic.

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