Aníbal Torres must answer for violating electoral neutrality

Aníbal Torres must answer for violating electoral neutrality

Slave to your words. The President of the Council of Ministers, was notified yesterday by the Special Electoral Jury (JEE) of Central Lima so that, within one calendar day, it could formulate its defenses for the infraction of the principle of electoral neutrality in which, as an official, the September 4 at a press conference.

The document, signed by the members of the collegiate chaired by Bacilio Cueva Chauca, is based on the report of the coordinator of Inspection 02 of the Central Lima JEE, Raúl Armando Matos Cotrina, in which it is specified that, after an analysis of the videos of evidence, “it is verified that the president of the Council of Ministers, in an official activity and in his capacity as a public official, gave statements (…) about the regional governor of La Libertad, Mr. Cesar Acuña Peralta, of the political party Alianza para el Progress”.

What did the premier say on that occasion? His intervention was as a result of the broadcast of the audio of a conversation between Acuña and the then president of Congress, Lady Camones, in which the former is heard demanding the approval of a law to create the district of Alto Trujillo in La Libertad with the in order to favor his candidacy for the regional government.

“My request to the democratic congressmen of the different political parties to quickly resolve this problem that has been created in the Board of Directors (of Parliament) which, in our opinion, must step aside, the Special Jury of Elections of Trujillo has to separate the candidate Acuña. That corresponds, right? According to law…”, said Torres. In another passage, he urges the Trujillo population to vote against who, according to him, is against the Chavimochic project.


José Manuel Villalobos, executive director of the Peruvian Institute of Electoral Law, explained to Perú21 that, after Torres has one calendar day to make his defense, the Central Lima JEE must unfailingly resolve the case. However, he anticipated that, since it was the first time he had made a mistake, the chief of staff would only be exhorted by the electoral authority to respect the principles of neutrality with a view to the municipal and regional elections in October.


  • The Electoral Law expert José Manuel Villalobos said that, in case of reoffending, the prime minister would be publicly reprimanded.
  • He warned, however, that there is a legal vacuum since it is the owner of the PCM. “Who would sanction it?” he wondered.

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