ANI will deliver the longest bridge of the Vía al Llano

ANI will deliver the longest bridge of the Vía al Llano

The Government announced that the Macalito bridge, on the Vía al Llano, will be delivered at the end of 2021, which is located in the Chirajara – Fundadores project, concessioned by the ANI, It will allow direct accessibility from Bogotá to the Eastern Plains with significant savings in travel time and significant development for the region.

The completion of the works in this road corridor, which already registers an advance of 91.60%, it is estimated to be for June 2022.

(‘Infrastructure must continue as State policy’).

Precisely, among the most representative works, three bridges stand out that will reduce the travel times between Villavicencio and Bogotá. One of them is the Macalito, located in Functional Unit 2 (Return 1-Return 2), whose length of 962 meters makes it the longest in the project.

The investment in this work is higher than 186,405 million pesos.


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