ANH and firefighters initiate investigation to find out the cause of the explosion in the pump;  the affected is stable

ANH and firefighters initiate investigation to find out the cause of the explosion in the pump; the affected is stable

The National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH) and the Police firefighters They launched an investigation to find out the causes of the explosion in a pump from the second ring road and Bush avenue. This work began at the request of the site administration, which seeks to know the origin of the event that left a worker with burns.

The unfortunate event occurred at noon on Thursday. Security camera footage shows that The accident happened just when two vehicles were refueling. The official immediately realized that the pressure was not normal and ran to release the mouth of one of the tanks located on the ground, seconds later the simultaneous explosion occurred in the four ‘mouths’.

Isabel Zubieta, the worker who turned out with 30% of his face with burns, He has been working on the site for 14 years and managed to prevent the explosion from having major consequences by acting immediately, putting out the fire thanks to the training he received to deal with this type of situation.

After putting out the fire, the official was treated by paramedics at the facilities of the same pump and later evacuated to a private clinic that is close to this pump. According to the latest medical report, he is stable and will be discharged.

Given this fact, the administration of the service station requested an expert opinion from the police firefighters to find out the cause of the incident. In addition, he asked the ANH, through a letter, to protect a tanker truck with 20,900 liters of fuel in one of its refineries, while the investigation and repair of the place lasts, since its tanks were damaged.

This Friday an inspection was carried out at the pump, but the origin of the incident has not yet been detected, however the firefighters who attended the emergency explained that there was a gas explosion. “It is a small deflagration due to the concentration of volatile substances, combustible liquids, when exposed, always give off flammable substances. Something has caused it to activate, ”explained one of the uniformed men.

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