Jeanine Áñez horas después de ser detenida.

Áñez denounces that she was prohibited from visiting; Penitentiary Regime accuses Covid-19

July 6, 2022, 19:20 PM

July 6, 2022, 19:20 PM

The prohibition of receiving visitors in her confinement in the Miraflores prison is what the former president, Jeanine Áñez, denounced through her account @JeanineAnez; The Penitentiary Regime Directorate issued a statement in which accuse the fifth wave of Covid-19 the restriction of visits.

“#JeanineAñez as #PresaPolitica has the right to receive visits twice a week, Sundays and holidays, with no restrictions other than those related to hours, order and security; nevertheless, An abusive order from the Government of @LuchoXBolivia prohibits visiting the former president”, indicates the tweet published on Wednesday afternoon.

At different times during his imprisonment, which it’s been 16 months, the former president complained about the restrictions that he has access to health, mainly, and the “hard restrictions” to receive visits from personalities who came to the gates of the prison and could not cross them.

“Why don’t they let me visit Jeanine Áñez?” the president of the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights (Apdhb), Amparo Carvajal, had claimed at the beginning of May, when it was the last time they denied her entry. It wasn’t the only time the activist tried to visit the former president on at least six occasions, without success.

Carlos Mesa, foreign parliamentarians, opposition assembly members, human rights activists, are among the people who did not manage to enter and the excuses to avoid their visit They have the Covid-19 pandemic as a common denominator.

“Since last June 2 due to the start of the 5th wave of the Covid-19 pandemic Due to medical recommendations, preventive measures were taken to protect the health of the visitors and the population deprived of liberty, allowing visits from relatives in the 1st degree, children, parents or spouses, ”says the first point of the statement from the Directorate of the Penitentiary Regime and that he made public after Áñez’s claim.

In that document, the authorities affirm that the children of the former president enter to see her, although admit it’s only one at a time.

“At the moment the prisoner is still in a health area, so the visits in that space are limited due to the medical care provided to the rest of the prison population”, indicates the third point of the government statement as justification for the restrictions imposed on the former president.

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