“Añeteté” will support trial against Quiñónez

“Añeteté” will support trial against Quiñónez

Congressmen from the ruling party (“Añeteté” or “Republican Force”) announced that they will promote a political trial against Sandra Quiñónez, state attorney general. With this, there are 18 of 80 deputies and 10 of 45 senators who will vote in favor of the dismissal, at the time it is discussed in both chambers. The meeting took place in the house of Arnaldo Samaniego.
Roberto González, a pro-government deputy for the ANR, affirmed that the decision was unanimous. He explained that, from now on, they will work on the writing of the accusatory libel.

“We must integrate the arguments. Out of respect for our eventual allies, I do not want to advance the reasons. I have not heard the statement from them, ”he said, referring to the intentions of the opposition parties to also promote the trial on their own.

He pointed out that first they will define the foundations of the trial and then they will only see if the numbers exist.

Lilian Samaniego, an official senator, affirmed for her part that what they seek is justice. In addition, she stated that there are elements to force the dismissal.

“The serious denunciations of the Minister of the Interior signify our position. Everything else will be seen over time. The decision is made. From now on we will build. What we want to communicate is that we have lost confidence in the Attorney General,” he stated.

He pointed out that from now on he will go down to the table to deal with the constitutional instrument to finalize the political trial.

“What we seek is to strengthen the institutions. We want the vice president to come in, get the information and pass it on to the president,” he said.

When asked about the criticism of Chartism that the ruling party is looking for a “tailor-made” prosecutor, she stated that this was not the motivation. She insisted that Quiñónez must explain the questions to everyone.

In addition, he affirmed that the visit of the charge d’affaires of the United States did not influence the decision of the legislators.
Blas Llano, national senator and leader of the llanismo, expressed to several media outlets that he will not support the political trial against Quiñónez. This is due to the fact that they do not want to interfere in the internal affairs of the ANR.

Recently there was a migration of deputies from the ruling party to Chartism and vice versa. From the sector near Mario Abdo; Juan Carlos “Nano” Galaverna, Rubén Balbuena and Pastor Soria migrated to Chartism. While Tomás Rivas and Hugo Ramírez left Chartism to go to the ruling party.

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