ANEP inaugurated two full-time educational centers in Rivera

ANEP inaugurated two full-time educational centers in Rivera

The National Administration of Public Education (ANEP) opened, this Friday the 26th in the department of Rivera, kindergarten No. 155 and school No. 156. The works were carried out through public-private partnership (PPP). On the occasion, the head of the agency, Robert Silva, reported that it is planned to sign a new contract of this type to build more centers

Also participating in the activities were the General Director of Initial and Primary Education, Graciela Fabeyro; the member of the Central Board of Directors (Codicen) of the ANEP Juan Gabito and the mayor of Rivera, Richard Sander, among other national and local authorities.

In dialogue with Communication Presidential, Silva pointed out the importance of opening teaching centers and stressed that this strengthens and vindicates the country’s historical commitment to education. “When we inaugurate a school or a garden, we are positioning public education as the standard bearer of social policies and generator of opportunities for those who have less”, he indicated.

In addition, he reported that the works were carried out through a PPP contract, with a significant investment, which begins to be paid in this government and continues for another three. He also announced that it is planned to sign a new contract of this type, next week, to build more public schools throughout the territory.

In his oratory, the hierarch assured that it is necessary to generate actions and strategies to prevent young people from leaving the system. In this sense, he emphasized the importance of a strong public education for the development of the country and for young people to achieve their goals.

Meanwhile, Fabeyro stressed the value of opening premises in adequate conditions and with full shifts, so that children are cared for from an educational and social point of view.

Kindergarten No. 155, of this modality, is located in the Paso de la Estiba neighborhood, in the city of Rivera, and currently attends 152 children between 3 and 5 years old. In addition, it has four effective teachers, a substitute and a Physical Education teacher.

The building design is organized around a central space, which can be used as a conservatory or dining room. The total area of ​​the center is 762 square meters. The new school includes psychomotricity rooms, classrooms arranged in pairs with a mobile partition that allows them to be joined according to need, bathrooms in each room, universal accessibility zones and outdoor spaces with games and green areas.

School No. 156, also full-time, located in the La Virgencita neighborhood of the departmental capital, is attended by 201 students from preschool to sixth grade. There are eight classroom teachers, a director and teachers of Physical Education, English, Portuguese and Art. The new premises are arranged in three modules, with two levels. Presidency

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