Electricity prices are readjusted in the state of Rio

Aneel receives suggestions for updating tariff flags

The National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) receives until Wednesday (4) proposals from society on the annual update of the values ​​of tariff flags. Suggestions have been received since April 14 through Public Consultation No. 012/2022. The new values ​​will be charged from June this year. Aneel receives suggestions for updating tariff flags

Contributions can be sent to the email [email protected] Documents related to the consultation are available at agency website.

Aneel suggested for the yellow flag R$ 2,927 for every 100 kWh consumed. Red flag 1 must be at R$6.237 per 100 kWh, and red flag level 2 at R$9.33 per 100 kWh. In the green flag, there is no extra charge on the electricity bill.

green flag in may

On Friday (29), Aneel informed that the tariff flag for the month of May will be green for all consumers of the National Interconnected System, which covers most of the country. That way, there will be no extra charge on the electricity bill, according to the agency.

Created by Aneel in 2015, the tariff flag system signals the real cost of the energy generated, enabling consumers to make good use of electricity. The calculation for triggering tariff flags takes into account, mainly, two factors: the hydrological risk (GSF) and the price of energy (PLD).

The tariff flags work as follows. The green, yellow or red colors (in levels 1 and 2) indicate whether the energy will cost more or less depending on the generation conditions, with the red flag being the highest cost and the green flag being the lowest.

* With information from Aneel

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