Andy García Lorenzo

Andy García from prison: “I continue and will continue to be a faja’o as a fighting rooster”

MIAMI, United States.- Cuban political prisoner Andy García Lorenzo, imprisoned since July 11, 2021 for participating in the anti-government protests that took place in Santa Clara, said from prison that he remains committed to his ideas, and appreciates the support received during these months.

“I continue and will continue to be a faja’o as a fighting cock, I thank everyone who is helping me with my case, especially my family,” said García Lorenzo, according to a publication on the social network. Twitter of Jonathan Lopez Alonsohis brother-in-law.


García Lorenzo, who is currently in the maximum security prison of Guamajal, in Villa Clara, in isolation, the Prosecutor asks him for seven years in prison for demonstrating on 11J. The young man was tried in early January this year.

Last March, García Lorenzo’s sister, Roxana García Lorenzo, denounced his condition of isolation: “Right now my brother is not in a maximum security cell, because they have no reason to be, but he is isolated from the rest of the prisoners. prisoners. I have been saying it for months, but he did not have details of what that isolation is like.”

The young man is being watched in prison by three common prisoners who “obviously work for State Security as informants,” he added.

Since Andy was arrested, his family has not stopped denouncing his case and blaming the Cuban regime for what happens to the young man, and they have become true activists for the freedom of political prisoners.

This has had consequences for the entire family, since the government has turned its repressive mechanisms on them, which the novices never imagined that the harassment would reach.

Also in March, Roxana García Lorenzo said in an interview with CubaNet that when her family began denouncing the arbitrariness committed against Andy, 23, she did not expect the levels of repression she has suffered.

“We didn’t think that [la represión] It was at this level, but we really made a decision the first time they stopped us and that was to enter fully, without stopping, into this fight and not shut up until the end. The decision was to face everything that came”, said Roxana.

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