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Andy Carrión on Fray Vásquez’s alleged flight: “The Prosecutor’s Office is delaying in opening an investigation”

Andy Carrión on Fray Vásquez's alleged flight: "The Prosecutor's Office is delaying in opening an investigation"

For the criminal lawyer the should open two lines of investigation on the supposed trip to Chiclayo of when he was on the run.

“I believe that the Prosecutor’s Office is taking too long to open an investigation, even more so when we have that precedent, this is a very clear point of an investigation that should already be underway. Then we have this official information, this is not an invention of the press, much less that through access to public information they noticed the name of the president’s nephew under “Lay Vásquez Castillo” “he indicated.

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At another time, he said that the Prosecutor’s Office must identify the responsibilities of the officials involved.

“What the Prosecutor’s Office can do along the way is to identify the responsibilities of those who are committed to these events. Those responsible could also be those who allowed him to travel because the crime of failure to report could be configured if one of the officials warned of the presence of Fray Vásquez on the plane and the report was not made “he concluded.


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