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Colossi of the Earth 2022: the largest tree in Paraguay is in Cordillera

An imposing Timbó was consecrated as The Largest Tree in Paraguay in the Colossus of the Earth 2022 contest. The ancient tree, located in San Bernardino, stood out above the other finalists, due to its large trunk and enormous crown.

The emotional night that rewarded the largest trees in the country and the families that guard them took place this Tuesday in the Soidaoma room of Rakiura Resort, where prominent authorities, members of the jury, directors and representatives of companies that make the contest possible were present. most important environment in the region.

“Tonight is a unique opportunity where we reward not only the trees, but also the families that protect them and connect us with their stories, cultures and landscapes. More than 713 trees were nominated in this edition, a record that challenges us to continue promoting initiatives and environmental projects that are increasingly comprehensive,” said Osvaldo Turlan, Executive Director of A Todo Pulmón.

The Paraguay’s largest tree is a huge Timbó located in San Bernardinopostulated by Ana Ceuppens, which has a height of 31 meters, a circumference of 6.8 meters and a crown of 108.5 meters.

In the category of tallest in Paraguay It was carried by another imposing Timbó from Lima, San Pedro department, postulated by Agusto Sanabria that has a height of 37 meters, a circumference of 4.8 meters and a crown of 81 meters.

the tree with increased trunk circumference it is a giant Yvyyra Pytâ located in the Caazapá National Park and postulated by park ranger Laura Ayala, its measurements are: 8.9 meters in trunk circumference; 24.5 meters high and 44.22 meters wide.

On the other hand, the category of tree with the largest crown circumference It is carried by a leafy Timbó de Maciel, postulated by the Reljuv company that has 6.4 meters in circumference; 23.5 meters high and 103.6 meters wide.

The largest tree in the Chaco It was won by an enormous Samu’u de Boquerón nominated by Wesley Flaming that has a height of 18 meters, a circumference of 8 meters and a crown of 64 meters.

In the category “Tree of People” The award was won by a copy of Ka’a Oveti located in Juan León Mallorquín, department of Alto Paraná. He was nominated by the Barrientos family and stood out for being the most voted on social networks.

“Here we are stronger than ever, rewarding the largest trees in Paraguay and Latin America, carrying on high the dream of my dear grandfather Humberto, who worked tirelessly to leave a legacy of conservation of our forests and nature reserves,” Ezequiel García, President of A Todo Pulmón.

This year, the contest expanded borders and opened to Latin America and the Caribbean. A total of 23 international trees from countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Venezuela applied. Category Winner International Colossus It is a gigantic and imposing specimen from Samaúma, located in Mato Grosso, Brazil and was postulated by Wagner Gervazio.

A total of 4,395 kilometers were covered in the three expeditions of Colossi of the Earth where the departments of: Caazapá, Itapúa, Misiones, San Pedro, Concepción, Boquerón, Presidente Hayes, Canindeyú, Alto Paraná, Caaguazú, Guairá, Cordillera and Central.

The contest is possible thanks to: ADM Paraguay, ITAIPU Binacional, WWF, Copaco, VOX, Petrobras, Aseguradora Yacyreta, Blanc, Tesacom Group, CAF, Coca Cola, CCI, VCP, Filmagic, Tu Casa Construcciones, Automaq, Germany Cell, PuntoFarma , Audimedia, Epuka and Rakiura.

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