Andrés Calderón on Aníbal Torres: "It could force a denial of trust"

Andrés Calderón on Aníbal Torres: “It could force a denial of trust”

For the political analyst the premier could not get the confidence after the recent press conference in which he accused the of having a coup spirit against the president .

“Clearly Torres is not a conciliatory premier, he is a shock premier within these subsistence strategies it could be to force the denial of trust”he indicated.

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Perú21TV spoke with the political analyst Andrés Calderón about the position of Aníbal Torres and the low disapproval of President Pedro Castillo.

Calderón points out that the Government has opted for the strategy of victimization instead of recognizing the mistakes made.

“With this press conference they show that they are playing all their pieces to a single position; if there is a criticism of the President of the Republic, there is an intention of a coup d’état. Despite the fact that the vacancy is a figure that is in the Constitution and that could be used. But it seems that Aníbal Torres wants to play that card, that any criticism of the president has a coup spirit and what he does is victimize himself in that position, so that the discredit of Congress ends up playing in favor of the Executive ”he added.


Disapproval Pedro Castillo increases
A new Ipsos survey revealed that the public’s perception of the management of President Pedro Castillo. In addition, the Minister of Health appoints a veterinarian who does not register COVID vaccines as an advisor. Also, Premier Torres will request a date from Congress to seek the investiture vote. And, violence on the border between Colombia and Venezuela leaves more than 80 dead so far this year.

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