Andrea Valdiri paid for her daughter's birthday trip (with her friends) to one of the most desired destinations in Colombia

Andrea Valdiri paid for her daughter’s birthday trip (with her friends) to one of the most desired destinations in Colombia

Isabella Valdiri and her friends.

Isabella’s friends left in the company of Valdiri and other relatives in a private plane.

Colombia News.

Andrea Valdiri plans to throw the house out the window on her daughter’s birthday, although she will not celebrate it in her apartment in Barranquilla, nor in her house in Tubará, the influencer has already chosen the site and went on a trip with Isabella and a group of girl’s friends.

The eldest daughter of the Barranquilla dancer is turning 11 years old and that is why Valdiri decided to plan a trip to the Andean region for the enjoyment of her family and her daughter’s friends.

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For the occasion, Andrea ordered a sports outfit to be made for all the guests who looked “very fresh” with the outfit on whose back the diminutive of her daughter’s name is read: “Isa”.

Then, they went to the Ernesto Cortissoz airport in Barranquilla bound for the department of Quindío.

The destination that Andrea chose to travel with her two daughters, her sister and other friends of Isabella, is the Coffee Region, one of the most desired paradises by tourists and travelers in Colombia.

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This land is synonymous with coffee, one of the most representative farm products of our country. Another of its attractions are the colorful towns that dot the green of the mountains and the coffee plantations.

“Today I just invited my friends to celebrate my birthday in the Coffee Region,” Isabella confirmed through a video where she is seen getting off a private plane.

The trip was not attended by Felipe Saruma, who would be Andrea Valdiri’s current sentimental partner and with whom it is said he would marry in the coming months.

Many have applauded the fact that Andrea also spends part of her income on entertaining her daughters.

It should be remembered that the instagrammer has more than 7 million followers on Instagram who are part of the vast majority of the audience that visits her content daily.

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