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And the churches where?

In the political game, the winners have been the evangelicals, who enjoy great influence in President López Obrador…

The Catholic Church and the federal government are going through the most tense moment so far in the administration, despite some approaches, there are differences on issues such as insecurity, the fight against poverty, democracy and the defense of human rights .

A few weeks ago, in a meeting with members of the Society of Jesus, President López Obrador would have claimed that the Jesuits do not support him, which caused confusion, it is known that the majority voted for him in the 2018 election, however , the murder of the priests Javier Campos and Joaquín Mora, in Cerocahui, in the Tarahumara region of Chihuahua, caused discomfort in the Order, especially due to the lack of results in the investigation.

Things are no different with other Catholic communities and institutions. López Obrador’s comment did not go down well one morning, when he criticized the churches, “those expressions that hugs are no longer enough, what do the priests want, that we solve problems with violence? Are we going to disappear at all? Are we going to bet on war? Why didn’t they act with Calderón? Why were they silent when the massacres were ordered when the hot kill them was put into practice? Why this hypocrisy? That should not be allowed to anyone, much less to a religious person, whether he is a pastor of an evangelical church or a priest”.

Once again, the Catholic community was stunned that he was never accommodating to President Calderón.

Increasingly, the Conference of the Mexican Episcopate makes accusations against the strategy (somehow it must be called), against organized crime and recently for the attacks on democracy, the sympathy of the clergy with the march of the past 13 was more than evident. November, in addition to the open defense of the INE, both individually and collectively.

The containment of prelates has been breaking with the revelations of some of them that they have faced checkpoints from criminal groups and the complaints of their parishioners

This is because of the Catholics, because other expressions such as the Light of the World, are sufficiently distracted by what is happening with their leader Naason Joaquín, imprisoned in California, accused of sexual abuse and other crimes, despite the fact that inside of the group have managed to maintain the idea that it is an unfair trial, the evidence continues to harm him, one of his secretaries has just testified to the sexual abuse of the self-styled Apostle of Christ against his nine-year-old sister. As recalled, members of the Green Party and the Secretary of the Government of Mexico City, Martí Batres, were present at the Palacio de Bellas Artes on the 50th anniversary of the leader of the Light of the World, an organization that has known how to play very well its letters with the governments of the places where they have congregations.

And in the political game, the winners have been the evangelicals, who enjoy great influence in President López Obrador and although the PES lost registration, the religious current continues to have legislators and officials in the federal government.

The influence of the churches on the citizens is undeniable, so it is worth asking, where are they going to direct their efforts in the political times to come?

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