"Ancho" Ramírez is qualified for the TSJE

“Ancho” Ramírez is qualified for the TSJE

The Judicial Council held a press conference on Tuesday morning. The reason was the explanation of how the selection process will be for two positions to members of the Superior Court of Electoral Justice (TSJE). They are Vice President Alberto Ramírez Zambonini, and member María Elena Wapenka. The first will turn 75 (age limit to hold office) on April 22. While the minister will reach that age on the following May 14.

The nomination of candidates expired on Monday at 11:59 p.m. on Monday. The final result was 34 applicants. The first stage of the contest will be the documentary evaluation by the Legal Department. Here could be the elimination of several candidates who do not comply with the documentation.

Óscar Paciello, president of the Council of the Judiciary, was asked about the controversy over the figure of one of the candidates, Juan Bartolomé “Ancho” Ramírez, now a former senator. He just received his law license in November 2022. That is, he has not yet fulfilled the 10 years established in article 275 of the National Constitution.

The article literally says that; “During the term of 10 years, at least, (the applicants), they must have effectively practiced the profession.”

Paciello affirmed that Ramírez is qualified to fight for a quota. He pointed out that his documentation will only be evaluated if he receives a challenge from a citizen.

“If there is a challenge, the ideal would be for the Legal Directorate to make its opinion in favor or against before the hearings that begin on April 6,” he explained.

At another time, Paciello highlighted the high female participation. Of 34 applicants, 12 are women and 22 men. This represents 38%.

The second stage will consist of the public hearings that will take place in the auditorium from Wednesday April 6, then continue on Thursday 7 and Friday 8. Then there will be a break during Holy Week for the TSJE to call the hearings. internal elections of parties and movements on April 11.

The hearings will resume from April 18 and will last until 22.

When asked about how the Council of the Judiciary will guarantee transparency to the process, he stated that the hearings will be publicly qualified and that the eight members will issue individual opinions that will yield a final average. In addition, the subsequent examination will be objective and the final result will be published immediately on the web.

Eugenio Jiménez Rolón, member of the Council of the Judiciary, affirmed for his part that what they are looking for is that the TSJE be made up first of all by people who know electoral law and then, their background and their attitudes regarding elections will be taken into account. decision-making in the positions where they were previously.

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