Anarchist Brothers Avaca Mancilla Confess Sending Explosive Devices

Anarchist Brothers Avaca Mancilla Confess Sending Explosive Devices

Ignacio Andrés and Luis Enrique Avaca Mancilla, are the twins who were formalized in May of last year for the crimes of manufacturing an explosive device, sending an explosive parcel, less serious injuries and damage to the Fourth Cancha Rayada Police Station, in Talca.

After acknowledging responsibility for the events, the Public Ministry obtained a second conviction for “terrorist behavior”, the first was for the attacks on the Subcenter of the Escuela Militar station.

Months after the investigation began, the young people decided to recognize “the authorship of the act that is imputed to us and we have made our political and ethical motivation express,” says the text published on an anarchist website. The confession follows the modus operandi of what was done by Francisco Solar, a renowned anarchist who admitted having sent an explosive device against former minister Rodrigo Hinzpeter.

The bomb of these cufflinks was directed at the chief commissioner of Carabineros Sergio Figueroa Beltrán, whose objective, according to the anarchists themselves: “We do not know him in person, but we reaffirm the election knowing that we are enemies of anyone who by decision (obviously) own uniform view and is an accomplice to the monopoly of violence in the name of a State, having order and the common good as an excuse.”

The defendants agreed to an abbreviated procedure and were convicted of “sending and activating an explosive device” and had to serve a sentence of three years and one day in jail, a measure that was replaced on January 17, 2022 by weekly signature and prohibition of Leave the country.

The Avaca Mancillas assure that they collaborated with the investigation “answering the most technical questions.” In detail, they made known to the prosecutor “part of the procedure prior to the fact expressing responsibility for the common and separate tasks that we carry out.”

Therefore, this bomb was a “step from words to action in demonstration of our destructive criticism of the institutions that exercise violence in the name of the State.” In relation to the motives, political and ethical according to themselves, they sought to “instill terror in part of the population, specifically in the uniformed men.”

On November 26, 2020, around noon, the device detonated in the office of Figueroa, who opened the package in his name. Second Sergeant Isaac Martínez was also in the same place and both officials suffered hearing damage.

Despite their confession and “political” responsibility, as they themselves point out, they do not show their regret: “The only thing we could regret is certain decisions and technical procedures that, if they had been taken with greater care, would have changed our present and what today they are consequences”.

Through the statement on the anarchist website they stated: “I deny the right to judge myself to all those who do not understand the voice of my longing.” Through this quote, by Renzo Novatore, an Italian anarchist, the brothers Ignacio and Luis Avaca Mancilla they begin a text in which they confirm that they have confessed before the prosecutor who is handling their case.”Do you want to judge me? Well, then! But you will never be able to judge my true self,” the header concludes.

Before being arrested, describe Third, Luis and Ignacio lived on the way to San Clemente, about 30 minutes from Talca. The identical twins, who can only be differentiated by a mole, studied at the Liceo Abate Molina de Talca. They come from a family with limited resources, which has motivated different movements in Talca to make collections to pay for their defense in this cause.

“Luis and Ignacio to the street”, “Avaca twins outside”, reads some scratches in Talca, affirms the media. Both 22-year-olds studied at level A, where the best performing students in said school are.

They are described as introverted people and were always together, not meeting with many people. Despite never being in any political movement, they always tended towards anarchism. In fact, during the National Holidays they refused to participate in the typical cuecas classes and, in fact, invented an “unpatriotic cueca”.

“Nobody was surprised that they were involved in the bomb, it was something that could be foreseen,” says one of his former classmates. For its part, the brothers’ statement closes with “nothing is over (…). Caged, never defeated!



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