Ana Salvador conquista el volcán Cotopaxi de Ecuador

Ana Salvador conquers the Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador

The splitboarder Ana Salvador get back to action with your project 6000split in the Ecuadorian Andes. It does so after the stoppage forced by the pandemic and making a spectacular descent on splitboard from the 5897 meters above sea level of the imposing Cotopaxi volcano, in Ecuador.

The Salomon rider achieved the feat this past November 11 accompanied by the High Mountain guide UIAGM Jonathan Larrañaga, the Swiss rider Lea Klaue and the photographer Txema Trull. All of them will stay throughout the month of November in the Latin American country in search of descents in altitude from which they can get good material and find the sensations they are looking for.

Approach to Cotopaxi:

On land, of course, not everything was going to be snow …

Ascent of the high part

With the two peaks of the Ilinizas in the background.


At 5,897 meters, with its characteristic crater expelling fumaroles.

Starting the descent:

The part for which you suffer so much when climbing.

Thus, after the logical stoppage due to a pandemic, Ana continues true to his splitboard progression over big mountains. And it is that said his first experience in this area was in 2018 in Peru, then another came in 2019 in Nepal and when he was getting a taste for it, Covid-19 burst across the globe and did not allow him to continue with his progression. Hopefully now I can …

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