Ana Margarita Vijil: «Here I remain firm and dignified.  I have been sentenced for defending rights»

Ana Margarita Vijil: «Here I remain firm and dignified. I have been sentenced for defending rights»

Josefina Gurdián, mother of Ana Margarita Vijil, managed to visit her daughter for the sixth time after more than 50 days of total isolation. At the meeting, she confirmed that the political prisoner, despite the inhuman conditions in which she finds herself in prison, is “firm, lucid, sweet and warm as she has always been.”

In a video Divulged on social networks, the mother of the area of ​​conscience assured that Vijil remains “without a drop of resentment or bitterness, full of love thinking of others, sending affectionate messages.”

He denounced that since the illegal detention of Ana Margarita, on June 13, 2021, “they have kept her locked up in an isolated and incommunicado cell; she continues to have gastritis and reflux, and she worries me a lot because we don’t know how her extreme anemia problem is, which she has suffered for many years».

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“Ana Margarita is full of hope and faith despite the absurd and illegal judicial farce to which she was subjected. She and all political prisoners are innocent, what corresponds is her immediate and unconditional freedom », she stressed.

Ana Margarita Vijil, opposition and member of the Renovating Democratic Union. Photo: Geovanny Shiffman/Item 66

The Sandinista dissident is very concerned about the health of her mother Josefina Gurdián, better known as Doña Pinita, who is undergoing treatment for a cancer that afflicts her. “She is very worried about my state of health, especially in the long periods of time between visits when she does not hear from me,” she recounted.

Doña Pinita, in the message about the situation of Ana Margarita Vijil, demanded that the Daniel Ortega regime and the Immigration authorities return her passport, since she needs to leave the country to undergo tests and procedures that do not exist in Nicaragua.

Ana Margarita Vijil remains firm

During the visiting day at the Evaristo Vásquez Police Complex, better known as “El Nuevo Chipote”, the political prisoner sent a message to the Nicaraguan people and the international community; where he reiterates his firmness and struggles to achieve the freedom of Nicaragua.

«Here I remain firm and dignified, knowing that I have been condemned for defending rights. They have violated all my rights, I have been isolated and incommunicado for more than nine months in deplorable and inhumane conditions, just like all political prisoners. I have been subjected to an illegal trial in which all laws were breached and no crime was proven », explained Doña Pinita about the conversation she had with her daughter.

«A month ago my friend, brother and teacher Hugo Torres died. It was a devastating blow for me, Hugo was an extraordinary man, I want him to know that we honor his life, the work he did while he lived, that we will continue his legacy, his worthy resistance and his fight for freedom, justice and democracy in Nicaragua . I want to tell you that although we knew that we would be punished for it, we shouted his name in our cells when we learned of his death, his name resounded in El chipote, Hugo Torres present, present, present!

The political prisoner was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Karen Vanessa Chavarría Morales, judge of the Ninth Criminal Hearing District of Managua, was in charge of determining this verdict.

Ortega’s justice system sentenced her for the alleged crime of “conspiracy to undermine national integrity,” under the Law 1055, Sovereignty Law; regulations used by the Nicaraguan regime to brand opponents as “traitors of the homeland.”

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