Ana Giselle Rosas: “Political will is needed to solve the drug problem”

The deputy Ana Giselle Rosas addressed this Tuesday the problem of medicines and the lack of supplies in the country for the insured, stating that this issue has never ceased to be on the table, since since Balbina Herrera was a deputy they had been talking about this.

He mentioned that there are projects presented since last year in order to find a solution to this situation of medicines for patients, which have now resumed their discussions.

Rosas presented this Monday an initiative that obliges the Social Security Fund (CSS) to guarantee the availability of medicines for its insured.

“We recognize that the one who is insured is paying fees and is not receiving the medicines of the basic table, even to prevent illness and death,” said the deputy of Cambio Democrático.

He added that another proposal is aimed at attracting investment from companies that here in Panama can set up their factories for the sale of medicines, not only for Panama, but for other countries in the region.

According to Rosas, what is needed is the political will to solve the drug problem. “If the director of the CSS had wanted to resolve the supply issue, he would have already done so. They made us dizzy for a year and a half at a table, ”he sentenced.

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