An old man and ex-combatant in Angola commits suicide after receiving a fine of 4,000 pesos

An old man and ex-combatant in Angola commits suicide after receiving a fine of 4,000 pesos

“It’s unfair what they did to that poor old man,” said the daughter of Ángel Pacheco Soublet, a former combatant in Angola who committed suicide after an inspector fined him 4,000 pesos for selling food from a wheelbarrow and not having money to pay. The sanction.

“What I earned [de pensión] it was 1,500 pesos,” lamented Pacheco’s daughter who through a video shared on Facebook by user Mari Rio Chico, mentions that she stopped working to care for her mother, who is seen bedridden.

Pacheco, 83 years old and a resident of Las Tunas, kept four medals, decorations and a certificate awarded on September 23, 1976, which according to what is read, was for his “participation in the heroic internationalist mission for the liberation, independence and integrity of the brother people of Angola”, with the signature of Fidel Castro Ruz.

“It’s depressing. What good were so many medals and decorations for them,” Reynerio Acosta shared in the Rio publication. “That’s why the people, much less the youth, don’t believe in anything,” said María Luisa Olivet.

“A combatant of the revolution, medals, decorations, showing that one does not live by recognition,” said Dianella Margarita Espinosa Peña. “Many like him went to fight for nothing and have simply been forgotten. I have no doubt that no official of the Association of Combatants of the Revolution has passed by the house of the man to sensitize himself with the situation of the family”.

Rio showed that the old man only “sold some fruits, vegetables, to help support his family.” The complainant made an appeal “above all to the heart” of the inspectors, “see the social situation we are in, see that we are going through a pandemic.”

He regretted that an elderly man took his life for a fine of 4,000 pesos. “Where are we going to stop?” she questioned.

sabrina isabella, who was a neighbor of Pacheco, shared the image of a message indicating that the old man hanged himself. “How sad that these things happen because of extremist people,” she lamented, “that they can’t catch the shameless people who steal and defraud the people and this man for selling some vianditas” they would fine him and take him to “commit this madness that was his only solution or his only way out because he knew he had nowhere to get it”.

From the regime this ex-combatant in Angola received an unpayable fine for him. This group seems forgotten on the island, if anything, they can become part of the Association of Combatants of the Cuban Revolution where, from time to time, they distribute some prebend but less and less. They can even stay alone in the possibility of eating in a community kitchen for lower prices.


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