AN approves Law for the Coordination and Harmonization of Tax Powers

the national assembly approved in second discussionby evident qualified majority, the Draft Organic Law for the Coordination and Harmonization of the Tax Powers of the States and Municipalities.

In this regard the president of the ANDeputy Jorge Rodríguez, congratulated the parliamentarians for approving a law that “comes to bring order” and, above all, “to protect ordinary citizens,” he said.

This norm will protect “the young person who starts a business, the merchants, the businessmen and businesswomen, the mayors and mayors; but, mainly, to the mayors of small cities in Venezuela, because the legal instrument will make it clear as to what the scope of municipal and state taxes are, ”he explained.

Rodríguez added that in fact the amount of taxes that citizens will begin to pay in the 335 municipalities of Venezuela, in the 23 states of the country, will be reduced.

The president of the parliament asked the other legislators to take this law so that it “is discussed by everyone, so that it is known and implemented by the mayors and governors.

“Let’s not allow a law of this importance to fall into the sack of the gray zone, false news, lies, lies, manipulations and quite the contrary, let’s give citizens this powerful instrument that protects them in a certain way”, he said when urging parliamentarians to publicize the new norm.

In this sense, the head of the Venezuelan Legislature declared the Organic Law of Coordination and Harmonization of the Tax Powers of the States and Municipalities sanctioned, and it was sent to the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice, in accordance with the provisions of article 203 of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, to declare its organic nature.

Micro and macroeconomic balance

For his part, deputy Nicolás Maduro Guerra, member of the Permanent Commission on the Economy, Finance and National Development, stressed that the new norm “comes to generate the necessary micro and macroeconomic balance to continue driving the country towards the prosperous victory that we have set “, said.

He explained that the law is accompanied by an immediate application plan, coordinated with the National Executive, which will generate more confidence for the international investor, local businessmen, community companies, cooperatives and entrepreneurs in the country, which from Today they will have a little more order in municipal, regional and national taxes.

“This law is a victory for the people, the economy, the workers, the municipal and state public power and the national public power,” exalted Maduro Guerra.

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