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AMLO: the Spanish extreme right, behind the attack of the European Parliament

From the Editorial Office

Newspaper La Jornada
Friday, March 18, 2022, p. 9

The pronouncement of the European Parliament against the government of Mexico was promoted by the extreme right, especially from SpainPresident Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured, after highlighting the case of Leopoldo López Gil, an opposition Venezuelan, who resides in Spain, where, he assured, It shelters him, protects him, I don’t know if the Popular Party (PP) or Vox; the PP, which is a conservative party, and they make him a member of the European Parliament, and the man was one of the promoters.

He even said, “it even made me laugh, because I don’t know if he or someone else from Vox – in reference to the ultra-conservative parliamentarian Hermann Tertsch – declared, also an MEP: ‘And that we downloaded it, and when we were deliberating on the document some said: Andrés Manuel is going to be angry, lower him, and we’ll take him away’, because, in effect, the draft blamed me, not only for the disappearances and the murders, but also spoke of what the conservatives, liars and forgers mention here, that I have links with organized crime.”

The federal president questioned: Who are they? That is, if Mexico is an independent, free, sovereign country. Why are they interfering? Who gives them the right? What, they don’t forget that Benito Juárez was born here, the best president that Mexico has ever had and one of the best presidents in the world in all of history, who said that among individuals as well as among nations, respect for the rights of others is peace?

In a morning conference at the National Palace, he stated that he will continue reporting to end disinformation campaigns, because there are those who want nothing, nothing, nothing, because conservatism blinds them, prevents them from listening to arguments, they flatly refuse. And it’s not just those who profited from the neoliberal model or from corruption, but also those who have conservative thinking, and I’ve already said it, there are millions.

Acknowledge participation

One of the promoters of the European Parliament’s resolution on journalists in Mexico was the far-right Spanish deputy Hermann Tertsch, a member of Vox -a conservative formation whose leader was received in Mexico a few months ago by senators from the National Action Party-, according to the legislator.

President López Obrador has been very angry with the resolution of the European Parliament on the murder of journalists and human rights defenders in MexicoTertsch wrote last Friday, after the Mexican president’s response to the legislative institution was published.

“The left said it: ‘AMLO is going to be angry.’ That is why the resolution that avoids truths about so much slaughter was softened. Not like that,” added Tertsch, a former correspondent for the Madrid newspaper El País in Bonn and Warsaw, in addition to having worked for the Efe news agency, among other media.

Tertsch is part of the Group of European Conservatives and Reformists of the European Parliament and of the mixed European Union-Mexico parliamentary commission.

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