AMLO insists on eliminating the self-employed, but recognizes that there is no time to do it

AMLO insists on eliminating the self-employed, but recognizes that there is no time to do it

For the second time, the president acknowledged that it will be difficult for his administration to eliminate these bodies because it requires the support and vote of opposition parties such as the PAN and the PRI.

The president argued that the self-employed should disappear because they were structures created to facilitate “privatization and the dispossession of national assets” and gave the example of a decision recently made by Cofece.

“This competition body, Cofece, has just done something that I consider contrary to the national interest, it may be legal, but it is a very risky act for our sovereignty. They authorized a lithium mine, it will pass into the hands of a Chinese company, without informing the head of the Executive, when it is very clear that there is a defense policy for this strategic mineral resource that we want the nation to own, we do not want it to be dominate other countries,” he stressed.

López Obrador said that the self-employed are like “parallel governments” and questioned “whose self-employed”, because of the created interest groups, they are close.

“The best thing would be for them not to exist, not only do we save a lot of resources, but the national State is strengthened because these functions can be carried out by the Legislative Power, the Judicial Power, the Executive Power,” he proposed.

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