Amazonas: Police seize more than 200 kilos of cocaine hydrochloride in operation

Amazonas: Police seize more than 200 kilos of cocaine hydrochloride in operation

The Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Chávarry, presented today at the PNP Utcubamba sectoral police station, in Bagua Grande, the 203 kilos of cocaine alkaloid found by the Police during an operation carried out in the district of Santa María de Nieva, in the province of Condorcanqui , Amazon region.

The Minister of the Ministry congratulated the work of the specialized anti-drug units of the PNP that participated in the intervention, as they learned that in the Condorcanqui area, especially in SnowsIllicit drug trafficking has been taking place.

“On this occasion, our specialized Dirandro personnel have entered that area with the surprise factor and have seized 203 kilos of cocaine alkaloid”he highlighted.

For his part, the Anti-Drug Director of the PNP, General PNP Deny Rodríguez, pointed out that this finding is the result of a previous intelligence work, where the existence of the drug could be determined in a rustic house, located in the town center of Snow Bridge.

He added that, with this information, the operation was planned with agents from the departments of Anti-Drug Tactical Operations (Depotad) of Huánuco and Tarapoto, who entered the place and found the illicit merchandise in five raffia bags, hidden in a ‘cove’ of this property.

He specified that the police authorities also found two long-range weapons, ammunition and personal documents that will allow them to identify the people who hid the drug in their home.

Police training for children of native communities

At another time, the Minister of the Interior assured that his management will provide facilities to the young women of the native communities of the Condorcanqui area so that they can enter the National Police schools to study.

“We are going to provide facilities because it is convenient for us to have in our ranks those young natives who know the problems of their sector, know their jurisdiction, know the dialect, they are going to be interlocutors of the Police with their communities”he indicated.

Finally, the head of the Ministry announced that the creation of a Police Division of the North of Amazonwhich will integrate the provinces of Bagua, Utcubamba and Condorcanqui in a large base that will house specialized units of the PNP, and that will favor the safety of the entire population.

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