Alyson, el brasileño sensación de Tercera

Alyson, the Brazilian sensation of Third

Spanish football is increasingly nourished by young Brazilians looking to make history in Spain. The Third Division is full of new talents who want their chance to make the leap to the elite. This is the case of Alyson, the Lanzarote attacker who has accumulated five goals and several assists. He has marked the greats: Las Palmas and Tenerife. Several teams have already taken an interest in his situation.

From a humble family, Alyson always had a clear goal: to be an elite player. Desportiva Paraense gave him everything, being his home club. His dribbles begin to remind other Brazilian legends like Robinho.

A story to remember

Stories like these mark a before and after in those small places in the world where millions of children want to make a living from football. In Lanzarote they already know how they are spent, but what they value most is where they come from. That humility of his family makes him different and he achieves everything he sets out to do. His agents bet heavily on him by bringing him to Spain and he gives the maximum.

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