Alva: “Everything around the president is rotting.  I already asked him to resign."

Alva: “Everything around the president is rotting. I already asked him to resign.”

The head of Congress, revealed that he asked the president to resign from his post. In an interview with channel N, Alva said that “everything around the president is rotting.” However, he did not specify the date on which he made this invocation to the head of state.

In addition, he considered that it is “unfortunate” that the president has five investigations against him. He added that if the accusations are proven, Castillo will not end well. “It makes me sad because I don’t wish that on anyone,” he said.

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On the other hand, he pointed out that the Legislative has always had low approval and that in this case it is because they do not have the 87 votes to achieve the presidential vacancy. She also maintained that she has not spoken with Castillo because he has never called her to talk.

On the other hand, he said that he is “very sorry” that the benches have split and there are four lists for the Board of Directors.

“I was surprised by Ilich López. I do not agree that we are running on a leftist list. We made an agreement to support the democratic bloc, which Lady Camones. I told him that I was going to respect the agreement, because it was the benches that supported me. For principles I can not go to another bench with another candidate who does not represent me, “he said.

“I never thought that Esdras Medina was going to apply. I am sorry that a consensus list could not be made. This has surprised the same spokesmen”, he pointed out.


When asked if he had any self-criticism, he maintained that he should have had a little more dialogue with all the benches.

In addition, he admitted that he should have had more communication with the media and more decentralized sessions.


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