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Almost 40 congressmen changed their shirt in a year and a half

Almost 40 congressmen changed their shirt in a year and a half

At the end of 2022, the 130 congressmen elected in the 2021 general elections had served a year and a half in office. With suspended and fugitives, one of the main “customs” that has characterized this it is the turncoat between benches. The proof of this is that 37 legislators changed shirts in this period.

List of parliamentary changes. (Peru21)

To talk about the current situation of the Legislature, one cannot fail to mention that last year it began its functions with nine political groups, and ended with 12 benches and 10 non-grouped congressmen.

From here to there

More than one bank changed, arguing that the party had changed its basic guidelines. However, the truth is that personal interests and calculations were not lacking. This is the case of Héctor Acuña, for example. he came out of to go to Cambio Democrático (formerly Juntos por el Perú) after his brother’s organization did not choose him as a candidate for the Board of Directors. In the end, he went to the ranks of Integrity and Development.

Something similar happened with Gladys Echaíz, who left Avanza País to run for president of Congress with Renovación Popular.

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The official supporters do not go unnoticed (), which disintegrated the first minority (37) of Parliament. The first to leave were the professors close to Fenatep, who formed the Magisterial Block. Then Peru Democrático (Guillermo Bermejo) and Peru Bicentennial were born.

Alexander Rospigliosiformer head of the advisory cabinet of the Presidency of the He said that the dispersion and creation of new benches means that the Legislature has to invest more in advisers and personnel. “I think the time has come for the Constitutional Court to evaluate the turncoat”, he held to Peru21.

For her part, the political scientist Katherine Zegarra He said that legislators are looking for a space “comfortable”. “If the parties do not think like them, then they look for another legislative group, with more freedom or more bargaining power. They are personal searches to feel relatively comfortable and free instead of facing a discipline”, he asserted.

Keep in mind

  • Among the 10 not grouped are members of Podemos Peru, such as José Luna Gálvez and Enrique Wong.
  • Others not grouped are Carlos Anderson, Edward Málaga, Digna Calle, Juan Burgos, José Elías, Heidy Juárez, Luis Picón, Óscar Zea. Wilmar Elera is on the run and Freddy Díaz suspended.


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