Nestlé launches breast milk-based infant formula

Nestlé launches breast milk-based infant formula

Nestlé Dominicana announced the launch of the new Nan Supremepro 3, the first revolutionary innovation that manages to reduce the gap in the diversity of HMOs.

According to Hegla de los Santos, Nestlé Nutrición Caribe Scientific Affairs highlighted that this is a new advance in infant nutrition, which presents its most advanced formulas that contain a complex of five Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMO).

“HMOs are the third largest volume element in breast milk. This innovation is backed by the company’s more than 150 years of research in the area of ​​infant nutrition,” said de los Santos.

Likewise, he indicated that the emerging research carried out indicates that they play a very relevant role in the development of the intestine, the brain and the immune system.

“Nestlé has studied human milk for decades and recognizes its enormous benefits. This infant formula is the latest in our innovations, and we will continue to advance the science behind our products to offer the best possible nutrition in the pediatric population.”

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