Almost 30 thousand people went abroad at the beginning of Tourism Week

This Sunday the delays in land departures from Uruguay to Argentina continued, although with levels of “normal slowdowns” of Tourism Weekconfirmed the director of the National Directorate of Migration, Eduardo Mata, to The Observer.

According to Mata, this is because “a large number of people” try to leave the national territoryas “some did not complete the requirements” requested by Argentina, which “slows down the controls.”

The director of Migrations clarified that the control of entry to Argentina the neighboring country does itwhich asks the affidavit and travel insurance that includes cost coverage against the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, income to the national territory is controlled by Uruguay, which asks for a health declaration before arrival, with the coronavirus vaccination certificate includedof not having vaccinations, a negative antigen or PCR test result–.

Mata stressed that the entrances to the country have been “very fluid”, and that part of the officials in charge carry out tasks of support to the entrance to Argentina.

Recommendations to enter and return

Mata recommended that Uruguayans who want to leave the country “Use the full schedule”that is of 24 hours, to leave the country. According to the director of Migrations, the majority of people who leave the country do so at 12 pmwhich also causes traffic jams on the way out of the country.

When it was time to return to Uruguay, Mata warned that The online health declaration must be filled out before entering the national territory.

Almost 30 thousand departures this Saturday

This Saturday, April 9, 28,587 people left Uruguay, the majority bound for Argentina, and 10,418 people entered the countryalmost half of them Uruguayans, reported Migrations.

Of the almost 30 thousand discharges from Uruguay, 14,210 went, at least, to Argentina: 4,874 by sea from Colonia, 3,505 by land from Fray Bentos, 3,360 from Paysandú and 2,471 via Salto.

9,506 people crossed into Brazil, 5,551 from Rio Branco (the most used route to leave the country this first Saturday of Tourism Week), and 3,955 via Chuy. In addition, 2,349 people left the country from the Carrasco International Airport, and 2,522 left from other routes.

Of the total number of people who left the country this Saturday, 25,912 are Uruguayan and 1,546 Argentine. The rest is distributed among Brazilians (415 graduates), Colombians (129), Venezuelans (80), and other nationalities other than those mentioned above (505).

In terms of income, there were 4,532 Uruguayans who arrived in the country, followed in numbers by 3,886 Argentines. The remaining admissions were from Brazilians (627), Paraguayans (256), Colombians (165), and people of other nationalities (952).

The vast majority of admissions were from Argentina: 8,315 people came from that country, divided between 2,128 by Fray Bentos, 2,118 by Paysandú, 1,573 via Salto by land, along with 1,945 from Colonia and 551 who arrived at the Port of Montevideo by sea. There were also 1,388 arrivals at the Carrasco International Airport.

Only 320 people arrived from Brazil through the Chuya lower figure than the range of other arrival routes (395).

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