Alliance for Change team sworn in Guárico

Alliance for Change team sworn in Guárico

In the Pedro Zaraza municipality of Guárico state, the regional and municipal team of the Alianza Para el Cambio political party was sworn in, where the entity’s mayor, Carlos Castillo, was recognized as general secretary of the political organization in the state.

The event was led by Ricardo Sánchez, deputy to the National Assembly and president of the Alianza Para El Cambio party; Hugbel Roa, member of the National Directorate and liaison for the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) in the region; Carlos Castillo, mayor of the jurisdiction, and Ryan Rojas, deputy to the Legislative Council of the Guárico state and territorial secretary of the central plains of Alianza Para el Cambio.

Ricardo Sánchez, president of the Alianza Para el Cambio party, expressed satisfaction with the inclusion of Castillo in the ranks of the political team, at the same time that he indicated the confirmation of the articulated work that they will carry out in order to guarantee improvements in the municipality.

They recognize Castillo’s leadership

For his part, Hugbel Roa, a member of the Psuv National Directorate, during his speech, referring to the party’s new general secretary, stressed that “he understands that he is recognized by our government, and assumes that he now has great weight in his back, and it is to respond to the town of Zaraza».

Likewise, Roa recognized the leadership that Castillo has had during his administration, and urged the population of Zaragoza and militants of the Great Patriotic Pole, to join the alliance to work for the llanera entity.

In this regard, the municipal executive indicated that he will work jointly with the national and regional government, with a view to obtaining the resources that benefit the municipality. However, he expressed that he will seek to consolidate the victory of the president of the republic, Nicolás Maduro, in the upcoming elections scheduled for 2024.

The Alianza Para el Cambio party is a Venezuelan political party, which is ideologically defined as social democratic with Chavista currents, which is located on the center-left of the political spectrum, whose national secretary general is the deputy to the National Assembly, Ricardo Sánchez.

Opposition leaders react to Castillo’s position

Various opposition political leaders spoke about it, rejecting the political position assumed by Castillo, among them the former candidate for governor of the Guárico state, Octavio Ortawho wrote on his Instagram account: “In the face of the pronouncement of the Democratic Alliance of the Guárico state on the electoral fraud applied to the noble town of Zaraza, it is necessary to reflect on principles and values, as well as technical-electoral.”

In this regard, Carlos Castillo, mayor of the municipality, said: “I invite the opposition leaders to come to Zaraza (…) and I show them that here is a town that does not feel betrayed, but supported by a mayor who works day to day”.

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