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Allegedly responsible for killing a pregnant woman to steal her baby was captured

Allegedly responsible for killing a pregnant woman to steal her baby was captured

The Commander of the Soacha Metropolitan Police, Colonel Livio Castillo, announced the capture of alias ‘Yadira’ who would be allegedly involved in the violent death of a pregnant woman who was murdered for stealing her baby’s wombin events that occurred in this Cundinamarqués municipality.

In context: The details of the macabre crime of the pregnant woman murdered in Soacha to steal her son

The captured woman accepted the charges and was sheltered with an insurance measure in a prison center. It is important to mention that this woman has a record for the crimes of homicide and trafficking, manufacture or possession of narcotics and at the time of the events she was under house arrest for the crime of homicide,” said the uniformed officer.

The officer also recalled that the events occurred on Saturday, April 9, 2022 “The lifeless body of a woman was found in the village of Chacua, jurisdiction of the municipality of Soacha, this fact set off the alarms of the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office due to the seriousness of the injuries she presentedsince multiple bruises were evident in various parts of the body and a puncture wound that extended along his belly.

For his part, the mayor of Soacha, Juan Carlos Saldarriaga, confirmed in dialogue with RCN Mundo that, Apparently, the captured woman would have paid 15 million pesos to steal the baby from the victim’s womb.

The baby is in the hands of the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (ICBF)an arrest warrant has already been issued to find the whereabouts of the perpetrator of the act, where apparently a street dweller, a woman who was pregnant, takes out her baby, performs a caesarean section and later slaughters her in the same site,” he said.

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Finally, Saldarriaga maintained that the captured woman planned to get the baby, after having presented a spontaneous abortion of her pregnancyapproximately two months ago and of having lied to his family and friends about what happened.

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