Deputy Pérez accuses “lack of humility” on the part of the Government with the DC bench: “We are not going to approve anything”

Deputy Pérez accuses "lack of humility" on the part of the Government with the DC bench: "We are not going to approve anything"

The deputy of the Christian Democracy (DC), joanna Perezaddressed what was experienced during yesterday’s session in the Lower House with the rejection of both projects -one by parliamentarians and the other by the Government- that sought withdrawals from the pension funds of the AFPs.

The Falangist was critical of the Executive’s attitude in resorting to her bench to seek votes in her “limited” withdrawal initiative. It should be remembered that all DC deputies voted against this project, except Alberto Undurraga.

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“This shows that it is one thing to govern, and another -from the point of view of Approve Dignity and the coalitions- how they can unite positions (…) I think the Government lacks humility, I think it is important to look at the low in the polls they have had and I think that should lead to a new form of relationship with the parties, beyond who is or is not a government,” Pérez said in conversation with Radio Universe.

For the deputy, what happened yesterday showed that “the government does not have the votes to generate large proposals and sometimes only a qualified quorum, they only needed 78 votes.”

Under this line, Pérez also criticized the Segpres minister, Giorgio Jackson, indicating that “he was very confident in telling us that they had 78 votes; the only thing they expected was that we would get off the fifth retreat and finally at the last minute they tried to add to the DC, a party that has been quite mistreated by this coalition (…) the Government, at the last minute, expected us to approve any withdrawal so as not to leave people without something and that something was very bad “

The key for the Christian Democrat is a pension reform. “Let’s move forward, otherwise, this government is going to spend immobilized waiting for the Convention and we are not going to do anything; it is a substantive issue and all the AFP funds are going to continue to be dusted, because a sixth (draft of retirement) and we are probably going to have problems,” he said.

Act of the DC

When asked about the actions of the DC during the vote, as well as how the Government has dealt with them, Joanna Pérez was clear in pointing out that they expect different treatment and that they do not look for them when the votes are lacking.

“The DC does want a different treatment from the proposal and not in this situation of being reacted and without the political humility to talk and dialogue, because this project was launched the day before and only spoke with some benches. We are not available to approve anything, this was a bad project, bureaucratic and it was not going to be possible to implement it,” he stressed.

Referring to the role of the party as opposition, the parliamentarian explained that they will support good ideas and not bad ones. “We are going to work with Chile in mind, regardless of whether they put us to the left, to the right or to the center,” she pointed out.

“I think it is good for Chile, in the face of all the processes that are going through, in the face of the Constituent process and a government that does not have a majority but is going to require it, I think it is a good counterweight for Chile today, it is good for party that can support what is good and say things that are not good,” he concluded.

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