Alleged serial rapist arrested in West Santo Domingo

Alleged serial rapist arrested in West Santo Domingo

The National Police reported this Saturday that he arrested in West Santo Domingo a man accused of having sexually raped several women living in that municipality.

This is Haitian Frandy Fransua, 27, who was arrested along with four other men with whom he also committed robberies in inhabited residences.

Fransua, who was persecuted by the Gender Violence and Sexual Crimes units of the Prosecutor’s Office and the Police through arrest warrant 2022-TAUT-0030, was arrested in an operation carried out in Cañada de Guajimía, near the Café de Herrera.

According to the Police, Fransua committed the sexual assaults together with José Carlos Valdez (Popeye), who is serving a three-month coercion measure in La Victoria and they dedicated themselves to entering inhabited houses at dawn.

The institution says that both men are being accused of sexually abusing four women who were alone in the residences, whom they entered and robbed of stealing different valuables and who have identified them.

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