Alleged scammer remains under provisional arrest

The Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office, through the Third Section of Crimes against Economic Patrimony, achieved in hearings of guarantees that the provisional arrest of a man who was charged with the alleged commission of the crime of aggravated fraud, apprehended through operation Enjambre, is decreed. held on September 21, 2022.

In the different hearings where the Public Ministry was represented by prosecutors Valerie Chen, Nino Gaitán and Luis Nicholson, they supported the need to impose a precautionary measure of provisional detention, which was decreed by judges Hiroko Tinoco, Diana Armijo, Sandra Castillo after to have presented the respective accusations to the citizen required for the crime of aggravated fraud related to five investigations carried out by the prosecution.

The accused, who has been wanted since February 2022, is the alleged leader of a criminal organization dedicated to fraud, using the modality of the identity of businessmen in our country, as well as passing himself off to the multiple victims as Asian citizens on some occasions and on others as Arabs, whose damage amounts to more than 500 thousand balboas. The events date back to 2019.

Operation “Enjambre” was carried out in conjunction with the National Police in the Caimitillo, Piñal and San Miguelito districts, specifically Tinajitas.

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