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All citizens will have at their disposal a box: Córdova

Enrique Mendez

Newspaper La Jornada
Monday, February 7, 2022, p. 9

Although the budget constraints imposed to the National Electoral Institute (INE) make it impossible to install the 165,000 voting booths provided for by the General Council and required by law, the indisputable and convincing fact is that the citizens will have at their disposal a box to exercise their legitimate right to participate in the historical exercise revocation of the mandate, guaranteed the advisor president Lorenzo Córdova.

In addition, he said in a video broadcast this Sunday, the institute, hand in hand with thousands and thousands of people who will receive and count the votes of those who participate on April 10, will once again allow the recreation and strengthening of our democracy.

He explained that the INE will concentrate in what it knows how to do best: the organization of a democratic process for the exercise of the political rights of citizens, under the constitutional principles of legality, certainty, impartiality, objectivity, independence and maximum publicity.

In the context of criticism from Morena, who has accused the institute of refusing to convene this process, Lorenzo Córdova maintained that the process It is an absolutely certain and foreseeable fact, which will materialize on the voting day on Sunday, April 10, in which all citizens with voting credentials will have a ballot paper waiting for them at the corresponding voting tables..

He also reported that, as of the call, two facts take place: the institute will promote citizen participation through official times and from now until the end of the vote, all dissemination of government propaganda must be suspended, except on issues of education, health and civil protection.

In this regard, Córdova insisted on his call to the heads of the dependencies and entities of the federal public administration and of any other entity of the three levels of government to respect the rules of the political communication model that the parties have agreed and reflected in the law of matter.

In addition, he reported that the INE will organize discussion forums on the revocation of the presidential mandate and will maintain the microsite that, on this exercise, it opened on its Internet page.

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