Alfaro: "The VAR is taking away the essence of football"

Alfaro: “The VAR is taking away the essence of football”

The technician of Ecuador, Gustavo Alfaroassured after the 1-1 draw with Brazil in Quitoto have mixed feelings, because of the way his team gave their hearts on the field, as well as because of the incidence of VAR in the development of the match, which for him takes away the essence of football.

“Yes Ecuador played like he did today against Brazil, offering his heart, it is because he has done some merit to be where he is, but today we are shocked by the development of the game, by the strangeness, by the subtlety of the VARwhich is taking away the essence of football,” Alfaro stressed at a press conference.

He said he already knew how he came to play Brazilhad discussed it with his players, and that it was applied while there was how, when the game was not interrupted, so he was left with the feeling that he could beat the auriverde.

He continued with his criticism of the interruptions caused by the VAR: “There were two reds for the goalkeeper Alison, like two penalties, but then the referee retracted and it wasn’t just going back, but because of the loss of time that is caused, between 4 and 5 minutes, which affects the teams for or against”.

He pointed out that during the game, when Ecuador he was left with one less due to the expulsion of the goalkeeper Alexander Dominguezat minute 15, his team took a risk, because the players believed they could win.

“From now on I ask that everything go the same way, that the reward or punishment be the performance of a team on the field of play, today we are left with the sensation of little taste,” he insisted.

“We are left with the feeling of not having been able to experience a night that would have been marked in history by having beaten Brazilif they had given us the chance to kick the penalty at the end of the game,” he said.

For alfaroonce this page is closed, you need your team to stay strong, to keep adding as many points as you can.

“I think the team took one more step to qualify, not as it would have been hoped, now we have to mentalize ourselves and prepare to go to Peruif we can bring the classification,” he said.

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