Alex Saab's trial was postponed in the US due to an appeal

Alex Saab’s trial was postponed in the US due to an appeal

The AP agency reported that the trial of Alex Saab, that was scheduled to begin in a Florida court on January 3, 2022, was postponed by the American justice.

The reason for that decision is that an appeal is ongoing in the 11th circuit court of Georgia that should determine if Saab has or does not have diplomatic status.

This is because the government of Venezuela alleges that when he was arrested, the Colombian had diplomatic immunity. Nicolas Maduro and his cabinet indicate that since 2018 He is accredited as a special envoy and that on that trip in which he was detained he was on a work mission, for which they affirm that his arrest has been a kidnapping.

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According AP lThe prosecutors in the case requested legal assistance in Panama and they could make similar requests in Ecuador, Colombia, Malta and Cape Verde. And the decision was made after the status hearing in which he appeared Saab in person.

The wife of Saab, Camilla Fabri, He spoke through his account Twitter saying that this confirms what they have denounced and that “USA has a Venezuelan diplomat kidnaped, violating international agreements in a impeachment”.

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