La Asamblea Nacional de Ecuador.

Alex Saab’s company owes more than 500,000 USD to Ecuador

The Political Oversight and Control Commission of the Ecuadorian Parliament I listen to the accusations of the Internal Revenue System (SRI) of the country on the operations of Alex Saab in Ecuador with which fictitious operations were carried out with which money was laundered from Venezuela.

These operations were carried out with a branch of the company Global Construction Fund (Foglocons) in Ecuador and that resulted in the export of $ 296 million to Venezuela between 2012 and 2013 of which no taxes were paid, accumulating some 558,000 dollars debt with the country.

In this process it is also pointed out that, in 2016, Saab funds in Ecuador They were released by court order and that money went to tax havens in Switzerland, Curaçao, Korea, Venezuela, Barbados, Panama, Libya and Spain.

For now it is expected that this commission will continue to receive data and accusations on the case of Álex Saab and their different connections in the region between which names like Mercy Cordoba, former Colombian senator and Michelangelo Loor, President of the Professional League of Ecuadorian Soccer.

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